Cape Horn Lookout Point

Cape Horn is a can’t miss photo opportunity. This sweeping vista point allows you see miles up the gorge and is highlighted by Beacon Rock in the distance.  The Cape Horn vista point is located right on Rt. 14 in Washougal, WA and you can pull off the road to look. Be extra careful here though, as the traffic moves fast and there is not a lot of room.

To get to Cape Horn from Portland, take Rt. 205N to Rt 14E and drive 25 miles. From Vancouver, just head east on Rt. 14.  Cape Horn emerges quite quickly from a bend in the road somewhere around milepost 25 (give or take a mile, so be on the lookout). If you are coming from Stevenson & points west, it will come up on your left hand side as you enter a very narrow part of the road around milepost 25.

Twilight fans will love this view since it served as the backdrop in the first movie when Edward brings Bella up into the tree tops.

Feeling extra energetic?  Try hiking the newly opened Cape Horn Trail, a 7 mile loop that offers some of the best views in the gorge.

ImageView from Cape Horn lookout point on Rt 14, Washougal, WA
Copyright 2012, Columbia River Tunnel Permits


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